America Isn’t a Free Country

But it should be. That’s why I write. I want my voice to be heard. I want to do my part, no matter how small, to push the country toward freedom and civilization and away from bloodlust and perversion.

Turns out, there was an audience for that message. I managed to go viral on Twitter and build a core group of interested readers who followed my attacks on wokeness in the military, criticism of the biomedical security state, and oppostion to the Biden regime’s ruinous foreign policy.

But then it was taken from me.

The Biden regime’s allies at Twitter decided they’d had enough of my public writing and permanently kicked me off the platform, thereby removing my access to my more than 13,000 followers. The offending tweet was an anodyne thread simply pointing out that the Biden cabinet was highly tribal. Can’t have that!

The War on Noticing

Like all tyrants, Biden aims to suppress criticism and keep it at the fringes. He, and his lackeys and masters, want Americans fat, stupid, and blind. Open your eyes and start asking questions and pretty soon you start noticing what a mess this regime is. You start wondering if there is an alternative to this clown show.

The best solution to these problematic noticers is to silence them. Censoring opponents is much more effective than attacking them outright. Attack someone and you draw interest. Commanding attention is power. Censor your enemies and they won’t have that power.

But I refuse to go away. I refuse to let myself be silenced. I have a message and a mission. I want to see an end to the liberal empire and a rebirth of America’s older manly republican spirit.

Getting Around the Gatekeepers

I cannot abandon my mission. I cannot abandon my country and sit back while it falls into crisis after crisis. I must write. But I need a safe outlet, one that won’t censor me. Subtack is that option. They have, so far, taken a very hands off approach to ideological censorship.

But even if they do decide to change, Substack allows authors to download a CV file with the email addresses of subscribers. Which means that even if I’m kicked off here, I won’t lose touch with my friends and readers. This is deeply important to me. I don’t want to be subordinate to middlemen and gatekeepers. My readers, not Twitter, not Substack, not Joe Biden should get to determine if they want to read my work.

That’s what liberty means.

Aristotle writes in Book V of the Politics that tyrants must do three things to suppress dissent: they must prevent the formation of friendship, reduce the individual capacity for hard work, and prevent citizens from thinking high and noble thoughts.

Ordinary Americans like you and I must therefore do all of these things as often as possible. This substack is my attempt at these aims.

American Greatness

If you like the Substack feel free to check out my writing at American Greatness. I publish twice a month, usually on military affairs and foreign policy but with an eye to current events, as well.


You can also follow my work on the Iphone and Android messaging app, Telegram. It is one of the other means I use to get around the censors and reach my friends and allies.

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