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Josiah, I was brought here by your thoughful article regarding how hard work destroys character. I agreed with every word in it, and even forwarded it to my three sons. I wish more people understood your philosophical message, as opposed to demeaning your noble intention, but it's in the nature of the coddled Boomer generation to revere the tired tropes of their youth and adhere to banal cliches that reinforce their puffed up, overrated self-image. All the greatest minds of the ancient world are on your side. Keep up the great work!

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Very sorry you were once again banned from Twitter!


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Well, I think you are dead wrong. Two reasons.

First, the Christ Christie example. Christie was as hot as a three dollar pistol when he was so popular as Gov. of NJ, don't remember the years or which presidential cycle but that doesn't matter. He chose to "wait" his turn and look what happened to him (thank god, cuz he is awful on so many issues, all the important ones). He became old news, especially after that episode on the beach. So, you strike while the iron is hot.

Second, and as important, Trump is not going to be the nominee. He is already being out polled by Heavy D (De Santis). Also, he is not temperamentally capable of admitting wrong. And he was WRONG about Operation Warp Speed and the lockdowns. Also, he has turned, unlike in 2016 and 2020, to the old political consulted class and they are giving him their typically, terrible, no good advice.

The country, the populist country, is in a different place now than we were in those cycles. And Trump doesn't realize this. I guarantee, that once he really starts to tear into Heavy D (De Santis) many of his followers will recoil and turn on him.

And it won't be any of the other globalists, unless they fix the primaries. I am speaking of Nikki Haley, Pompeo, Pence (won't get a vote, much less any delegates, I doubt his own family would vote for him) and the rest.

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Yes. You are on target on DeSantis and on election laws. DeSantis needs to strengthen Florida as a bastion and build his own political strength. Competing with Trump makes no strategic sense. Building to 2028 does.

The “Republican Problem” is that the GOPe does not want the presidency. Sure , if they could get another Bush or other milksop in they’d take it, but they would rather have both houses of Congress. This allows maximal opportunity for graft without having the burden of actually accomplishing anything, since they can lament the D president vetoes everything. (“Blame the American people!”)

Given Dem ballot generating machine, deep administrative state, big tech information control, and GOPe, a successful presidential run in 2024 is going to require a miracle. Let Trump try it; he’s done it before.

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