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Well, I really wanted you to be wrong, but you were dead-on in these predictions. Democrats and Democrat-proposals swept the elections.

Of course, Republican take-aways are always good at making a bad outcome even worse. Some are blaming Trump's poisonous endorsement of Cameron as the reason for his loss--not the fact that the guy is a protege of Mitch McConnell. From the sound of it, Cameron was super young, didn't have much of an agenda, and was facing a much better funded incumbent.

Ohio was a downer, but the pro-life campaign was simply too weak and underfunded to make much of an impact. I'm not ready to concede that opposing abortion is an instant loser, but pro-lifers can do more to adapt to their audiences better. Voters, particularly progressive women in the burbs, aren't being rational on this issue. Show them pictures of late-term abortions and talk about monsters like Kermit Gosnell--this is what Ohioans are legalizing. Republicans can jolt the public conscience with the horrors of Hamas. I'm not sure why they get so squishy or weirdly uncompromising when it comes to abortion limits.

Of course, there were some shenanigans with the machines in PA and some weird gas-leaks being reported in Kentucky. I hate that this will all be swept under the "Excuses" rug, and no one will bother looking into it. This stuff does affect elections, and still no one seems to give two craps about it.

Your general point is right though. The only thing bringing out conservative voters is Trump. For some stupid reason, Republican candidates seem diffident about discussing issues like immigration, crime, and Washington BS. I happen to think inflation is a pretty big issue, but you're right, it's not the only one. People already know they're hurting, but it's not clear what Republicans are going to do about it. Give more money to Israel and Ukraine?

Meanwhile, all the polls say Trump's in the lead for the election next year. We can only hope he's allowed to be on the ballot and not thrown in jail beforehand. I still have a bad feeling that things will get ugly, both for Trump and his supporters. No one seems to be taking the insanity of DC seriously at all. We're all busy trusting in the process, but this is all a distraction from the darkness to come. Maybe you can change my mind on this.

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Your batting average is definitely improving.

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I like the Austrian painter cameo in your screenshot.

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