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Very well, Achilles Shrugs.

There’s probably no better solution.

BUT still a potential TRAP as this leaves the heavy ordinance in other hands.

(And do forget any nonsense about rifles vs artillery for the uneducated reader. )

Tanks and artillery vs Rifles and Molotov cocktails; the Tanks and artillery win, never mind air.

I myself am on Shrug after all the nonsense, but as I said to the guys as I left this may just be another break. So it appears.

So Achilles* may Shrug, but the world and the machinations of our mad masters will not leave Achilles to sulk in his tent.

This is pause and prelude, do remember to grab the heavy ordinance when DC collapses, which is Biden’s last breath.

He’s the last of this aberrant wretches, what follows is not peace nor salvation- there’s no succession you see. These wretched Boomers made sure of that... this is Pause Brothers.

Go and catch your breath.

(Get the damn heavy kit, especially the mortars).

*Achilles Shrugs is a term going around meaning the American Warrior caste and their families are done with the nonsense.

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Should the trajectory of the Global American Empire continue-and there’s no reason to doubt it will improve-I will counsel my children against dying for bankers and corporate interests in foreign wars.

The concept of upholding American ideals died after World War Two.

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The Regime is anti-white. That is its underlying reason d'etre. By The Regime, I mean all of it: the government and all of its branches and bureaus; universities; corporations;

It has declared war on us in a multitude of ways. Why serve a regime that is waging total war on you and that funds and gloats genocidal statements and bio-warfare in the form of invasions of our homelands with the explicit intent to replace us. I repeat what you say. In any case, our men must not serve. There are risks, but to serve a master that is destroying you is foolish. Let the people who The Regime has declared our nation do its bidding and prove their valor in building and defending whatever it is that lies behind the rotting skin suit of America they have placed over it.

We must put our time and energy in nurturing and creating our spirited men and joining them together with our beautiful and spirited women. I have ideas for how to do this. We must also extract our youth from the education system and build our own that links up with the spirited men and women project. Every ad announces their intentions for us. Every act and statement of ethnocide and genocide they fund and utter carries it out. We are a nation without a country. Step one is reconstituting and fortifying our natos. That starts with Operation Achilles Shrugs. And despite what Hollywood told us about who/what Achilles was, Homer tells us otherwise about his red hair and blue eyes. They are going to erase Hercules too. They hate you and they want to replace you. Our essential fight is the for our survival. To serve their military is to fight against our own interests.

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Understand the sentiment but respectfully disagree. Conservatives are needed inside the military, especially if SHTF. This institution can't just be yielded to the left, like all the others before. Putting up with the DIE BS is another way to serve, and, with enough conservatives on the inside, it's possible to change things for the better.

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Is “Achilles Shrugs” based on Atlas Shrugged, and if so do we need to read the entire Jon Gault speech again?

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When politically motivated moves that clearly have adverse impacts on the force happen, to me it says more about how much power our most senior uniformed leaders actually have in practice.

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