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Words of power! Godspeed

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This is an excellent compression of Bronze Age Mindset:

"Marx and his followers do not represent something radically new in human history but rather a return to the natural human mode of being. Communism is a spiritual return to the longhouse of Neolithic Europe—in which human beings crammed together in communal dwellings with their animals and relatives.

The longhouse represents the destruction of privacy and the squelching of the longing for excellence and beauty. It is especially an attack on young men, with their sense of adventure. Feminism and socialism are old impulses."

Beautifully written, brilliantly insightful.

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I like it all. But there are adventurous women too. We are somewhat more cautious but I disagree that we all want to force all into the same longhouse.

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Good for you!

I have only one question: WHY do you live in CALIFORNIA, and in San Fancisco, of all places?


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